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MetalZone.info - Recenze CD "Zrození Draka" (24.06.07) - english version

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The band Empire is relatively young group (as for date of founding, not as for the age of musicians) and this is their first CD. The musicians that form Empire are experienced tirailleurs - Radek Kurc (radekkurc.wz.cz - vocals), Dario Sapienza (www.dario.cz - guitars, keyboards, vocals), Michal Žďánský (bass, vocals) and Marcel Vacínek (drums, vocals). And it can be heard in the music of Empire.

At first it seemed to me like "ordinary hard rock", but already after a few minutes I find out that it's not so at all. The truth is, that here you'll find no brutal massacre. On the contrary, it's a pleasant, elaborate and relaxing music.

And when I say elaborate, I mean elaborate. The music sticks strictly to established and well-tested rock'n'roll procedures, but right from the beginning it catches with accuracy of all instruments, later with excellent vocal of Radek Kurc and even later with guitar solos.

And I'll make a little stop by vocals and guitars for a while. Radek Kurc masters his vocal excellently indeed and moreover in many parts he gets accompanied by the other band members and it's really pleasure to listen to it then. Well and as for the guitars - from the guitars droughts absolute certainty and experiences. You simply won't find any mistakes here. The same thing with solos. You'll find a lot of them here, they're pleasant, played with ease, simply superb. These days, when most bands resigned at solos (they say it's anachronism and similar bullshit) it's definitely very pleasant change!

The CD is various, you'll find here classical hard rock (Ďáblův sen f.e.), beautiful slow songs (Stařec a moře) and also something a little harder (Hra). On the other side it's necessary to say that you won't find here anything downright surprising or shocking...

The lyrics are typical for this style of music and are completely in Czech. The cover and booklet are quite nice, standard, won't insult nro please.

So if you'd like to take a little rest and listen to quality and mature music, reach for Zrození draka by Empire...

Rating - 8/10



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