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MetalHeart.pl - Rozhovor pro polský magazín (29.9.2007) - english version

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Hello Dario, what's new after the record of the Empire debut album "Zrozeni Draka"?
Hi there! We're very excited, we've got really great reactions from the media and from the fans, it seems that "Zrozeni Draka" is the album that was "missing" in the Czech scene.
Currently we're planning a tour in Czech Republic and Slovakia, maybe we'll touch Poland.

Your new album is a full energetic hard rock music. Are you satisfied with this record?
Definitely. This record got all, and it's very accurate, I personally spent a lot of time to make the arrangements, we wanted to make an album that can compare to the big hard rock names; I think we've been successful, the production is very good with big hooks, great guitars and drums, just like the big productions from the end of the 80's.

How was this record greeted by your fans and music media?
Very good. In fact we didn't expect such a positive reaction! Of course the fans raised up in the 80's appreciate our music the best, but it's nice to see that a lot of young people are following us, buying CDs, etc. for some of them we're a brand "new" band! Some people are claiming that we're not original and other shits, but , hey man, I was raised in the 80's where the singer was able to sing and a guitar player was able to play solos, so don't expect from me to go on stage with dreads, dirty clothes, and a 7string guitar!

The best composition on the album it's in your opinion?
Well, I'm the main author of the music so I like them all... actually "Zrozeni Draka" is not the kind of album with just 2-3 good songs and the rest fillers... every song has a big refrain that you can sing along.. Other than that my personal preferences goes to "Spi dal" just because it's the oldest song I've written and the refrain is so strong

Where do you get the inspiration for your music and lyrics?
It depends on the mood I'm in; for example I wrote the song "Zrozeni Draka" when I was in a really bad mood and the result is the heaviest track of the album; Radek writes the lyrics, but we stay away from the negative feelings that has a lot of today's music; people have enough problems themselves, we want them to come to our concert to have fun.. That's the spirit of rock n'roll!

How and where can we buy your debut album? How is it available for fans from countries other than Czech Republic?
In Czech Republic and Slovakia you can buy the album in every CD shop; for other countries the fastest way to get the CD is order it thru our website www.empireband.cz it costs about 7 euros. Another way to get the CD is of course, to come to our concerts!

Your way of convincing a rock fans to listen to your new album?
Go to our webpage www.empireband.cz you will listen some samples of the whole album and get an idea; just think straight rock n'roll music with high pitched vocals, powerful guitars, big choruses. If you like melodic rock, go for it!

In my country you are rather not known. Try to close up Empire to rock fans in Poland. Tell me about the early days of the band, like how Empire was formed, etc.
Well, let me start saying that I love Poland, I started playing hard rock when I was in school when Marek, my polish classmate, borrowed me some Scorpions tapes!! Empire as a band is quite new, it's not even 2 years since we started but all of us have a big background, we're definitely not novices and already been on tour with Lada Krizek (Kreyson) with whom we're planning another tour with his renewed Kreyson.

Is it an "Italian" guitarist in Czech band a common thing?
No, I think there are not so many out there I live in Prague for 4 years, I've met a lot of musicians and once I've started talking with Radek and we found out that we have the same influences.. We've born even on the same day! We exchanged our records, and immediately I found that his voice (a sort of mix between Blackie Lawless and Dee Snider) would suit my music perfectly. Then in a concert I've seen a long haired drummer and bassist playing in a Twisted Sister revival band.. I called Radek saying "it would be great to have them in our band".. Radek already knew them so soon after Michal and Marcel were on board and Empire were born.

It's easy to hear, that the hard rock influences in your music come from a bands like, Led Zeppelin, Motley Crue, Whitesnake and many others. Do you like old 70's and 80's hard & heavy music ?
Yeah man, that was the time when hard rock ruled the world! The time when "The final countdown" made the soundtrack of a whole generation, the time when musicians were looking cool, singers were singing high and guitar players were fast as the speed of light; the time were you could see WASP and Whitesnake on MTV and Guns n'roses were still alive!! When I was a kid I was looking at Slash, George Lynch, Michael Schenker and I was thinking "wow, they're great".. Today the music is very different, there are almost no musicians making solos and you know why? Because they're not able to play them!!

Do you think that hard rock, just like in the 70's and 80's, can still be leading at music scenes in times when youth prefers disco, hip hop or techno?
I think that hard rock is slowly returning back, you can see for examples bands like The Darkness and Lordi have been a huge success even if they're not playing anything new or original. The problem is in the promotion, people don't know that the hard rock music exists so they don't have a chance to know these bands. For a music manager it's much profitable to produce a hip hop album that costs 10 times less than a rock album.

What are you plans for the nearest future?
We're already preparing the songs for the second album, and planning a tour; in the end of this year we'll return back in the studio to start record the new tracks, then again on tour and so on.

OK. That's all on my part. Thanks for the interview and last words is your.
Thank you for the interview, I hope that we'll play in Poland soon, I've heard that you guys rock!
Check us out at www.empireband.cz Keep on rockin', Ciao!



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